Blue Bell School and its ethos stand in remembrance of Late Dr. Ram Tirth Dube, a pioneer of medicine and community service who realized the necessity of good education in the development of nation’s character. The school has been watchfully nurtured by Mrs. Malvika Dube and Dr. Pradip Kumar Dube, daughter-in-law and son of Late Dr. Ram Tirth Dube, who have striven long and hard to build a cradle of quality education in the cantonment city of Fatehgarh. Dr. Ram was of the opinion that only the right kind of education could solve many ills of the society and the country. He wanted to bring in a change in the prevalent standards of education and got associated with the management of various schools and colleges of the city. Blue Bell has carried forward Dr. Ram’s vision with boundless energy to gain credibility by the day and take giant strides to emerge as the finest centre of learning.

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Blue Bell Dr. Ram Tirth Dube Memorial School provides education to both boys and girls in classes Nursery to XII (age groups 4 to 17) under the C.B.S.E. scheme. The teachers are trained to teach both in English and Hindi in small classes. This ensures a high teacher-student ratio which is helpful in fulfilling the specific needs of the pupil and facilitates the teaching-learning mechanism.

The school aims at holistic development of young minds and its commitment to these values is delivered by its motto – Service With Love. It strives for excellence in all avenues by exposing the students to the latest pedagogy and a variety of experiences. It is our firm belief that we must prepare our students to think globally and yet, it is imperative to preserve our traditional values such as modesty, humility, reverence and love of mankind. The school tries to keep its windows wide open – to the world outside and inwards – to tap our sterling values rooted in Indian culture and its illustrious history.

The school aspires to function as a nurturing crucible in which a child can grow up as a self aware, well rounded and well adjusted individual who can productively engage with other people, perform community and social responsibilities and thereby attain self actualization. It is our belief that our children should be imbued with universally prized moral values and endowed with a questioning mind and spirit of adventure. We seek to make our students lifelong learners so that they can effortlessly adapt to a multicultural ethos and milieu.

The school tries to impart a rational, enthusiastic and mission oriented approach to work in the children. This should help our students enter best institutions of higher learning and emerge as competent individuals with strong values and skills.




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