It is always a team-work which guides and navigates us to our desired goal. I take this opportunity to acknowledge and offer my gratitude to my family , my close friends , the dedicated team of our teachers , the office staff , all other helpers and above all , the school children and their parents , who made this happen…

My husband, Dr Pradip Kumar Dube , who has consistently stood by me and has taken on ,managing school’s mundane affairs and various other activities , carving out time from his busy schedule in his medical profession , my elder son Dr.  Mukesh , his wife & my daughter-in-law  Dr. Shraddha and  my grandson Atharva , presently at Indore ,  have been a perennial source of inspiration , encouraging me to achieve even greater heights . I take this opportunity to thank everyone who believed in the vision that has become ‘Blue Bell’ and extended their whole hearted support for its accomplishment .

This message will not be complete without thanking our very close family friend and our elder brother Mr Yogesh Chandra  (Mathur) , a retired banker , who is intensely associated with modern day computer technology at Lucknow , for his unremitting effort in conceiving and designing this website and agreeing to maintain and host it also , on our behalf in the coming years . I take this opportunity to offer my special thanks to our very dear Bhabhi , Mrs Shalini Chandra  (Mathur) ,  an experienced and skilled educator at Lucknow , for being a relentless source of encouragement, guidance and critical assistance , right from the inception of the school . I shall be failing in my duty , if I do not mention the name of my younger son Ashutosh , a scholar skilled in academic disputation and a professional pedagogue at Delhi , who , incidentally , is also the first batch alumnus of this school , for having put in his heart and soul in scripting the text of this website.
Thank you all for letting my dream come true……




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